What We Do

Hospital Pharmacy Management Services

HPS provides a high quality, cost effective hospital pharmacy management solution that is compliant with all regulatory agency rules and standards. We strive to reduce costs while establishing patient safety as our primary goal.

Our management services cover all aspects of hospital pharmacy operations, including but not limited to:

New hospital pharmacy start up
Redesign of existing hospital pharmacy
Regulatory agency compliance
Controlled substance audits and systems improvement
Staff recruitment, training, and continuing education
Inventory management and cost reduction strategies
Clinical pharmacist support, including after hours access
Improved labor efficiencies
Performance Improvement programs
Technology implementation and maintenance for pharmacy information system software, automated dispensers, and bedside bar code scanning
340B Program oversight

Consulting Services

Hunter Pharmacy Services offers consulting services that will prepare your hospital pharmacy for inspections by regulatory agencies. We assess medication management systems, clinical programs, financial data, and existing practices to help you improve pharmacy operations and reduce costs.

Remote Order Entry and Verification

Hunter goes beyond the expected - - - providing additional services that supplement your on-site pharmacist coverage. Our remote order entry and verification service is one of the specialized services we offer. It is a cost effective way to address staff shortages and to comply with TJC regulations.

Here is what remote order entry and verification can bring to your facility ...

Pharmacist review of physician orders
Drug regimen review to assess each order for drug interaction, proper dosing and other clinical concerns
Reduce medication errors through increased pharmacist oversight and clinical interventions
Allows for renal, aminoglycoside and Vancomysin dosing by remote pharmacist

Remote Prescription Approval System

Hunter Pharmacy Services,Inc. has developed a cost-effective, real-time solution to provide supervision of technicians and timely review of physician orders for significantly less expense than an on-site Pharmacist. Each remote hospital pharmacy is equipped with a real-time audio/video communications workstation and a high-resolution image camera to records drug images for each prescription approved. The remote pharmacy will be in constant contact with a RePAS Pharmacist for prescription approvals and technician supervision.

HPS' RePAS solution provides the following industry leading features:

Low cost solution
Pharmacist oversight & prescription approval
Image capture of each prescribed drug
Real-time audio/video communications
On-line access to pharmacy medication profile
Archival storage/retrieval of images
Can be utilized to achieve TSBP compliance or enhance existing service with improved timeliness of Pharmacist oversight

Free Standing Emergency Departments & Ambulatory Surgery Center Consulting

Hunter Pharmacy Services,Inc. can provide for free standing emergency departments and ambulatory surgery centers. We have a team of exceptional pharmacists and technicians that have years of diversified experience. We can take your free standing emergency center or ambulatory surgery center for pre-license phase to fully operational.

Our Services Include:

Obtaining Pharmacy License
Controlled Substance Licensing
Setting up automated dispensing machines
Developing applicable policies and protocols
Training on site staff
Determining vendors and drug formulary
Initial and continued regulatory compliance
Available for drug information questions and regulatory questions

Patient Counseling Initiative

HPS is now providing discharge patient counseling to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions and keep primary care physicians informed about their patient's treatment after a hospital admission.

Our goals include:

Fill gaps in patient care by identifying discrepancies in a patient's medication regimen after a hospital admission.
Identify issues that led them to the hospital and educate them on how to successfully manage their medications and disease state.
Decrease hospital readmission through education and adherence counseling and improving quality of life through minimization of preventable adverse effects.
Increase patient satisfaction by creating an open line of communication between the patient and a caring pharmacist.
Provide a valuable program to our Texas hospital partners that also meets the criteria for the Texas Medicaid Section 1115 Waiver.